SAM Animation

SAM Animation

SAM Animation is an intuitive stop-motion application
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SAM Animation is an intuitive stop-motion application that allows students to capture a series of still images from a webcam, which can then be played back in movie form -- it's kind of like a digital flip-book!
-Record or import unlimited audio files
-Adjustable frame-rate

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  • Question: I have a Chromebook and I was wondering if I could download SAM onto it?

    No, Sam Animation isn't compatible with Chromebooks. The Chromebooks only support installing application from the Chrome Extension Store.

    The products developed by the HUE are compatible only with the Windows and Mac operating systems. There is nothing about the Chromebooks or even mentioned about a plan to release them for the Chromebooks.

  • Question: I would like to know what camera can I use with SAM Animation. Is there a list with compatibles cameras?

    The software has been changed and it's now known as Hue Animation. There is no need to buy a certain camera, because the software is compatible with the built-in or external webcams. However, you can buy a certified camera from its official website. This is recommended because you will eliminate the compatibility issues.

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